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Korean Bo Kan Yeong

Posted on: July 10, 2013


Said to be very popular with Koreans as this can help cleanse the kidneys off waste accumulated over the years. Ultimately will have better health and complextion.

One treatment duration is 4 boxes = months. Cost around SGD500 if I did not remember wrongly.

After hearing good reviews from friends of our tour group friends, I proceed to purchase 4 boxes. Must be mad.. I am now left with around 2 weeks to go and still yet to see any effect on my face. Sad…

Have you ever taken this so medicine/supplement? How do you feel about it, effective?? Share with me.


3 Responses to "Korean Bo Kan Yeong"

I buy when I go to Korea and drink has been 3 months, I feel fresh and healthy. Wonderful nutrition.

Bo Yeong whether Kan can be taken for long life? in addition to the benefits for liver and kidneys, what are the other benefits?

Hi Dafrosa Doatje Dipan, I don’t think there is any legendary long life pill.

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